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The two sister-islands of Ko Rok are known as Ko Rok Nok and Ko Rok Nai which means the inner and the outer island. Both islands are 100% National Park land so there has been no development of private business and there are no roads or transport here. What you will find are colourful reefs and stunning beaches!

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Located approximately 25km south of Ko Haa and visible on the horizon from the west coast of Ko Lanta, Ko Rok boasts abundant marine life and thriving corals in the shallower areas. Some of the most pristine beaches in Thailand are found here with dazzling white sands and clear turquoise waters.

shallow coral

Nok & Nai mean outer and inner islands they are named after a small fury animal (Rok) that can be found on these islands. Giant Monitor lizards, often over 1 metre in length have also made there home here along with thousands of hermit crabs.


monitor lizard ko rok

Large hermit crab Ko Rok

Some of the most wonderful beaches can be found here with dazzling powder white sand and calm turquoise waters that offer some wonderful snorkeling opportunities.

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Lucky ones may get to see turtles or black tip sharks here as well of course as a wide range of colourful reef fish such as angel Fish, Butterfly Fish and Puffer Fish.

As Ko Rok is fully owned and protected by the National Marine Parks of Thailand there are no privately run businesses here. However, The National Park does operate a campground so it is the perfect place to really get away from the crowds.

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